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The quality is a consequence of our process.


Our team is highly qualified and we bet on constant training at all stages of the process.


Our facilities have high technology equipment to optimize the production process as much as possible.


We work only with certified partners in order to guarantee the quality of all our products.

Stabilized Rice Bran

Rice bran has a lipid content between 18 and 22% and contains essential fatty acids (linoleic, palmitic and oleic), proteins, vitamins (riboflavins, niacin, tocopherol), minerals (magnesium, potassium, phosphorus and zinc). and bioactive compounds, such as y-oryzanol, phytosterols, tocopherols and tocotrienols.

The loss of oxidative stability of the bran is one of the main factors that makes its use in food formulations unfeasible, since the lipids from rice bran come into contact with lipases, enzymes responsible for hydrolytic rancidity.

QUALIRISO prevents the deterioration of rice bran in natura through modern industrial processes that prevent the reduction of nutritional value. The stabilization of rice bran efficiently, carried out by QUALIRISO, is an important factor to make the production logistics viable, promoting a longer shelf-life, and its application in the food industry, both for the production of vegetable oils, as well as for the use of rice bran in food formulations.

QUALIRISO, as a result of very close relations with its raw material suppliers, works with fresh bran, thus giving it its full nutritional characteristics. The range of raw materials, manufacturing processes and internal procedures guarantee the total absence of gluten in its products.

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Size and Packages

15kg to 25kg Bag

Bags suitable for small industry.

500kg to 1000kg Big Bag

We have the option of big bag for small and medium businesses.


For customers who need large quantities.

Rice Flour

The diet recommended for celiacs – individuals intolerant of the protein found in wheat, rye, barley and oats – has also started to be adopted by people who believe in the dietary virtues of eating gluten free, resulting in an increasing demand for gluten-free food by the world’s population, requiring the food industry to develop more and more gluten-free products.

Rice flour, naturally gluten free, used massively in baby food, is increasingly being used in baking among other foods, in industry and by the consumer.

QUALIRISO, as a result of close relations with its raw material suppliers, allows differentiated supplies, being able to respond to baby food requirements.

The fact that QUALIRISO only produces rice based products, its manufacturing processes and internal procedures guarantee the total absence of gluten in its products.

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Mission, Vision and commitment.

Who we are?


Use the surpluses of the rice industry in order to promote the development of products with high added value and with characteristics that satisfy the needs of consumers, achieving the desired return by shareholders, ensuring a dynamic circular economy that takes into account the reduction of harmful impacts to the environment, the improvement of the social well-being of all company employees, of society in general and to counteract the scarcity of food in the world.


To be a reference producer in the valuation of surpluses in the rice industry, with healthy products for the global market and to grow in a progressive and consolidated way.


Provide customer satisfaction, exceeding their expectations. Continuously investing in the development of new products that satisfy the demands of the market.

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Our Values


Differentiating products from those on the market and investing in current technological means.


Focus on the product and the environment.


Exceeding market expectations and following continuous improvement.


Developing a sustainable company, in the economic, social and environmental aspects.


Customizing solutions and responding to needs in a timely manner.


Conduct business based on thoughtful decisions and investing in current technological means.

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